On the Case!

A mysterious fire in the basement, eh? All those cat-lovers running scared, glancing over their shoulders, worried about who’s gonna be next. One car in their ‘secure’ underground basement gets set on fire by night; the next day it could be all of them! A whole row of burning cars, their assets melted to nothing …

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No Spoilers!

Well… that’s the entirety of Fantasy done and dusted. Five years of quality writing followed by five years of trash, so yeah… what a wild ride. At least we’ll always have the early seasons to go back to, with their tight plotting, sizzling dialogue and cleverly thought-out schemes. Spoiler warning: I wasn’t expecting the Noonday …

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The Ultimate Mod

As much as those moon loonies scare me, they’re at least free thinkers. I mean, as much as you can be a free thinker when your thought patterns have been rigidly-controlled since the day you were born, and you’re incapable of independent thought. Okay, fine – maybe I chose my words poorly. I just mean …

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