Frozen Car

I’m so cold and I just want to get home. It’s pretty much freezing in Underwood (it’s almost fifteen degrees celsius) and I just want to be in bed with my weighted blanket on me and sitting on top of the heater. I know this is what people down south would consider a ‘warm winter’s day’, but here in sunny warm Underwood, we have almost frozen over.

For some reason, my car isn’t going fast enough to get me home in a timely manner! Does my car stop working in the cold too? If so, I might have to have a chat with the mechanic close to Underwood and see what they have to say about the matter. Maybe it’s just an Underwood thing – nothing and no one can function if the weather is below twenty degrees. Luckily it’s not raining today or businesses would literally just shut down for the day. We’re used to a certain level of comfort and warmth, and without it we’d just prefer to hibernate for the day. It seems like my car even feels the same. Which is annoying because I want to get home!

Maybe if I just don’t think about how cold I am, I won’t feel it anymore. Maybe I’ll distract myself by imagining the row of trucks in the traffic ahead of me getting fleet servicing in the Underwood area. If they were getting fleet servicing they wouldn’t be sitting in traffic ahead of me which would mean I’d get home earlier and wouldn’t be so cold. Darn it! I couldn’t even successfully distract myself for one minute.

I wish my car heater worked properly. I don’t usually need it but today with these abnormally cold temperatures, I need it more than ever. Anyway, I’m about ten minutes from home now which means I can get in the shower and warm up. What a relief. I hope my car runs better tomorrow.