G’day! Yeah, it’s me. I’m Burgerman. Revealing my true identity here would interfere with my ability to sniff out emerging burger innovations undercover, and we can’t be having that. Why? Because these things are often an actual revelation, and it would be a crime to keep them hidden from the people.

I pledge to do my darnedest to school the world in the latest and greatest Melbourne made burgers known to humankind.

As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m a fully certified nerd for the burg. Alongside that, I’m a chemical engineer with a penchant for adventure travel – particularly that of the culinary persuasion. I’ll eat anything I can wrap my gob around, provided it comes recommended by someone (anyone). As a result, my palette is comprehensively educated and attuned to the nuances of many different ways of cooking. In this respect, I’d say I’m something of an authority when it comes to food criticism, and what better way to apply this expertise than to my favourite hand-held foodstuff?