Borrowing A Car

I’m sick of talking about cars. I’m a car salesperson, which means talking about cars is what I do all day, every day, and I am over it. I just want to go one day without mentioning the latest car model and brand, or trying to make potential customers feel so special that they just have to buy a car from me. 

I’m sick of liaising with the mechanics in the area so that they recommend me when someone’s car breaks down and can’t be repaired. I’m sick of smooching up to the local car suspension specialists in Moorabbin to get my name out there as the best car salesperson in Moorabbin. I’m just sick of my entire career, and I either need out completely or a really long holiday. 

Part of me is fighting the urge to borrow a car from my dealership and go on a road trip. I doubt anyone would notice, but it probably is risky. We make sure all our new and pre-owned cars are serviced before we put them out on the floor, so I could drive away in any of these cars and know they’re in tip-top shape. It would mean that I wouldn’t need to worry about anything going wrong on my little adventure, like all of a sudden needing an emergency tyre repair close to Moorabbin.

Nothing goes wrong with our (model redacted). Oh, look at me go again. Even when I’m talking about not wanting to talk about cars, I end up using my sales jargon. It’s like my default is to just turn to sales no matter what. That’s something that I want to get out of.

I’m undecided if I’m actually going to borrow one of our show-cars and hightail it out of the state of Victoria for the weekend. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but sometimes bad ideas make the best stories.