Magical Paintbrush

Well, this magical paintbrush doesn’t help with plaster repair, I’ll tell you that much. See, my boss sent me out to complete a plastering job on the other side of town. I was running a bit late, so when I got there I figured I’d try using the Paintbrush of Destiny to fix the hole in the wall. What happened? Let’s just say that the house is more a pile of bricks than it is a house now.

In fact, I’m starting to think that this magical paintbrush I’ve inherited from my grandfather might actually be broken. It can’t do plaster repair, it whispers dark words in my head, and now it won’t even paint a dang wall properly anymore. It was working before, but lately, whenever I try to paint something, it actually removes the paint from the wall. It’s very frustrating.

I think the worst part is that when I have tried to get rid of this possibly broken paintbrush, the spectre of my deceased grandfather appears and tells me that I must keep the brush. Apparently, if I get rid of it he’s going to hurt my soul for all eternity. I don’t really want that, so it seems I don’t have much of a choice.

I love my workplace. It’s one of the best Melbourne based exterior painting services, and I’m proud to be a part of it. However, I’m not sure I can continue working here if I’m going to keep destroying buildings with my paintbrush. It just wouldn’t be fair on anyone. Maybe there is something out there that would actually benefit from the Paintbrush of Destiny. What if I got a job for a demolitions business, or a paint removal company? It’s probably worth looking into.

I’m not sure why my grandfather has decided to give me his old paintbrush, but alas, it is now my burden to bear. Unless I can find a volcano to throw it into, I guess. That seems to be the most reliable way to destroy this type of artefacts.

– Daniel