Family Teething

Kids can be so annoying sometimes, particularly when they are your own. Why can’t they just listen to me? I keep telling Timmy that I need to take him to the dentist because he has been complaining about his teeth hurting. I can’t see why he wouldn’t want to go, but there’s just no persuading the kid. Does he want all his teeth to fall out? Well, I suppose he’s a kid, so all of his teeth are going to fall out eventually, but that doesn’t mean he should be trying to speed up the process.

I think it might have something to do with that time I took Bella for her teeth straightening appointment, and she came back telling Timmy about how scary the whole thing was. In reality, Bella was completely fine and wasn’t scared at all. She just wanted to frighten her little brother. Thanks a lot, Bella. Why won’t she listen to me when I tell her not to be mean to her brother?

So, does anybody have any ideas on how I can get my five-year-old to the closest Cheltenham dentist? Do I need to bribe him, or do I just throw him in the car and tell him we’re going to the movies, then go to the dentist instead? That seems a bit deceitful, which isn’t my preference, but I guess I have to do whatever will work. Feel free to send me your best and most terrible advice, but please specify which one it is. I don’t want someone to suggest that I write my child a mean letter, only for me to take it as genuine advice, and then realise that my kid can’t even read properly.

In being a parent, I have quickly discovered that children are not very smart. Just the other day, Timmy tried to set the curtains on fire. I prefer my curtains to not be on fire, but he just won’t listen to reason. He doesn’t care if the house gets burned down, or his favourite toys get destroyed. It’s just impossible!