No Spoilers!

Well… that’s the entirety of Fantasy done and dusted. Five years of quality writing followed by five years of trash, so yeah… what a wild ride. At least we’ll always have the early seasons to go back to, with their tight plotting, sizzling dialogue and cleverly thought-out schemes.

Spoiler warning: I wasn’t expecting the Noonday Princess to suddenly resurrect in the throne room and incinerate everyone with her sunbeam powers, then take her place on the Aluminium Throne and give a closing monologue about how she only ever wanted peace and happiness for all, and now that all those warmongering, in-fighting main characters were dead, the golden age can begin. And so it does.

What a twist.

I kind of made the mistake of discussing it while I was waiting at the garage for my brake pad replacement. I went to get an auto service near Ringwood and I just assumed that everyone had done what I’d done and watched it on the night when it came out. I booked my car in for repairs and had nothing to do, so I’m just chatting to the guy at the desk and I ended up spoiling the episode for several people, including my mechanic. Now, if I did that in a restaurant, I’d be worried they were going to spit in my food… in fact, it’d be almost guaranteed. Mechanics aren’t going to spit in my engine, though, and I tend to trust them more than people who work in restaurants. Chefs do great work, but I’ve worked in hospitality, and they always just come across as being angry and ready to call someone an idiot sandwich. Maybe it’s all the heat.

Garages are hot as well, but in a different way,  – it’s a more friendly, open heat. Which is why I’m driving my car right now, safe in the knowledge that they probably didn’t do anything to the engine just because I spoiled one of the most hyped finales of all time. Good old Ringwood mechanics!

They’ll probably judge me with their judging stares forever more, which is fair.