A Perfect Combo

It’s nice that the boys have finally decided to put their heads together and go into business. I mean, I know Dirk’s saying it’s just a temporary consulting thing on his part, but I think he’s just playing it cool. Karl’s not helping matters by getting carried away with his grand vision for a solar precinct, or whatever he calls it. But they complement each other so well, it would be a shame if it fell apart over personal differences.

I must say, when Karl first started up about his Dutch treat boxes, I wasn’t entirely convinced. But now that Dirk is on board, I can see the whole vision starting to take shape. They’re both committed to developing new commercial solar solutions, each coming at it from their own angle, and I understand now that the subscription boxes are essentially a front for starting a solar farm. Aren’t my boys clever?

They’ve always had this playful approach to things, at least when they work together. Left to his own devices, Dirk can be a little on the unimaginative side, and Karl sort of provokes him out of that mode. By contrast, Karl has a tendency to become feverishly carried away with whimsical notions. Dirk shows him how to calm down and bring a realistic goal to fruition.

For example, the other day Dirk was telling me all about how businesses running on solar can set up systems for commercial energy monitoring. Melbourne winters mean less sunlight, so more power has to be drawn from battery storage or from the grid, and these monitoring systems can show you how that’s all playing out. At least, that’s what I understood.

Now, that’s something Karl would never have thought of. But once it’s been put under his nose, he’s the one who’s going to drum up the motivation and momentum to maximise its potential. In ways like that, the boys are a perfect powerpack of a duo – just like butter and hagelslag