Car Pressure

My mum’s car is her prized possession. She’s been maintaining it since she was thirty, and now at sixty she has passed the baton to me to continue the tradition. Needless to say, I’m feeling the pressure. She loves this car just as much as she loves me, so if I did anything wrong, she would be devastated. 

When she gave me the responsibility of maintaining her car, I’ll admit I panicked. The car is worth a lot more money than I have, so I definitely can’t pay to replace it if something happens. After the initial panic, I did the most responsible thing I could think of and chose a Brighton area car service centre that I would become a regular at. The very next day I took my mum’s car in and introduced myself, as they’d be seeing a lot more of me in the coming years. They were very impressed with the car and how well looked after it is, and they promised me they would look after it just the same. The conversation provided some much needed stress relief. 

Once I was happy with my choice of car service place (can you tell I don’t know much about cars?), I had to choose the right automotive electrician. Brighton is close to the city which means I’m positioned nice and close to plenty of mechanics, which makes the job both easier and harder. Easier because I won’t have to travel far to get mum’s car serviced, but harder because there’s too many mechanics to choose from. Logically, I narrowed it down to the mechanics at the service place I chose. They all seemed very well equipped to do the job, but I chose a man named Matt because he has the most experience with old cars.

The car will be in a lot safer hands with Matt than it will be. I’m glad I’ve got the hardest part of my job out of the way. Now my only role is to drive the car to and from mum’s house without crashing.