New Bathroom, Old House

I’ve always lived very modestly, as per the values my parents instilled into me when I was young. I haven’t deprived myself of any necessities, but I tend to avoid spending too much money on something that I probably don’t need. Where my friends like spending money on the latest clothes, gadgets and brunches (so many brunches), I like to save my money. As a result, I am about to purchase my first house at the young age of twenty-five. None of my friends are even somewhat close to buying a house, despite starting full time work at the same time as me.

Okay, to the point: seeing as I’m young and don’t particularly like spending copious amounts of money, I’m buying a “fixer-upper”. The house has good bones but it’s pretty outdated, especially when it comes to the bathroom. I am currently in talks with a bathroom renovation company about the most cost-effective way to design and build a bathroom in the new house. I’ve been really impressed with how open the renovation company has been about my price range, and how willing they are to stick to it.

The discussions have helped me make some really important decisions about the layout of my bathroom, and what I feel are important parts of a bathroom that I cannot compromise on. I’ve decided that as long as I have a shower, toilet and large vanity, I’m not too fussed about additional space or amenities. Again thanks to these discussions, I’ve found out that I can put a toilet in my laundry room and do a sort of combined bathroom and laundry renovation. Melbourne renovators clearly know what they’re doing and how to get the most out of a small budget, and I’m very thankful for it.

I’m really excited to put the deposit on the house tomorrow and confirm with the bathroom renovators that everything is going ahead. My twenty-five years of living frugally have finally paid off.