Cars Made Ubiquitous

You know what Melbourne doesn’t really have enough of? Opera.

Also, cars. I mean, I know it seems like there are a lot of cars right now, but let me tell you, there could be more cars. I’m talking cars in living rooms, cars in offices, and certainly a lot more cars on the roads because that’s where they do their best work. And only work, some might say, unless you’re parked in a field and using your car as a temporary dwelling.

I’ve been there, and it’s not as fun as it sounds, but it’s not NOT fun, either.

The thing about using your car as a dwelling is that you roll up to some mechanic, Ringwood is a good place for them, and ask for a service, or maybe some replacement tires. Perhaps a roadworthy certificate, some boutique brake pad repair if you’re feeling fancy. And while mechanics aren’t any more judging that any normal folks, I can’t help feeling that they can tell what’s been going on. I clear out the car as best as I can, but they know. Maybe anyone would know.

Those days are definitely behind me now, though. Now I just think there needs to be more cars around the place, especially since they’ll be self-driving soon, which is a great reason for there being more cars. I like cars, everyone likes cars, and we’ll like them even more when they start driving themselves and getting their own car services and being roadworthy all by themselves, without certificates. 

I wonder if car-jacking will still exist? It’ll be generally less likely to be lethal, of course. But more technical. You break into a self-driving car and hack into the mainframe to take control of it or whatever. Someone really needs to look into that. Like, someone who does vehicle inspections down in Ringwood. They should look into it very closely, to prevent future car-jackings.

Anyway, back to the penthouse for a good night of sleep so I’m rested for all the car stuff I have to do!