Submarine Suits, Away!

We had a BIG planning meeting on Monday, and it was firmly decided: the one thing holding back our practical daywear mech suits is the fact that they’re not aquatic. Of course! 

The whole world is moving underwater, what with everyone buying boats and society about to move permanently to giant glass domes under the waves. People might be looking at our offering of mech suits and thinking ‘mmm, they’re quite nice, but will they help me when we all live underwater?’ And so, tempted as they are, they decided not to go with the investment.

Well, no more! I got a shortlist of candidates for the best outboard motor service near Melbourne on the phone during our conference call, and I asked them the killer question: do you think our mech suits could become totally aquatic?

I’ll be totally honest, the overwhelming majority (all of them) said “I’m sorry, what are we talking about?” Then we sent them the schematics for our suits, and the unanimous answer was “Wait, what? Of course not.”

So yeah, bit of a dampener to the usual Monday morning spirits, but we were undeterred, because what would boat mechanics really know about fitting outboard motors to things, and attaching anchor winches to the sides of things, and the general mechanics of boats? I envision that our mech suits could really find a niche in transporting people to and from glass domes without the need of actual vehicles, or joining partitions. Need to head down to the shops? Jump in your comfortable mech suit, now with outboard motor, and zoom through the ocean depths to your heart’s content. Easy and simple as that. 

Of course, we now need to actually find a well-rated boat mechanic shop close to Melbourne – ideally, one that contains at least one person willing to help us. That, or just attempt the welding job ourselves. How hard can it be?