That’s All, Folks

You know when a movie is just so amazingly huge that you walk out thinking that you have nothing to look forward to now? That’s how I feel now, having seen Revengers: Edamame. The credits rolled, there was an amazing mid-credits scene and an even MORE amazing post-credits scene. It’s not like they were going to forego their tradition for the big finale – imagine making all your fans walk out of the theatre feeling like their time has been wasted, and that being their final impression! And then…nothing. I’m glad it happened, and now I’m lost.

I was sitting at work the other day, arranging my pens on the desk, and the boss told me to find a reliable provider of ducted heating services. Canberra can’t be short of those, surely, so it was a pretty straightforward task. Usually doing tasks like that has me jazzed. I like doing research, chatting to people, finding new and exciting ways to get the job done or the problem solved. But now I’m just thinking about that one scene in Edamame, when everyone is sitting there all depressed because they have to eat inferior soybean products and they have no plan to stop the villain, and it’s very sad, and I’m thinking that they must be cold because all the people who install and maintain their heating systems are probably depressed as well and taking the day off, so… yeah.

Everything just makes me think about the movie, including ducted heating I guess. And then I started thinking about how it’s over, and how we’re never getting another movie that good EVER, and now even the finding the very best heating services and repairs Canberra has to offer provides no buzz or thrill. 

Such pain – like that of eating an inferior soy product, or that of going on a time travel jaunt that doesn’t really make sense and clashes with the tone a little, if I’m being frank.

Great, now my pain is reminding me of my pain.