Dogs and Tools

I know that the season 2 finale of The Great Australian Trade-Off finished on something of a high, and it’s not like I HATE the specials, but…so many specials. Could they not dispense with all the special episodes and use that time to bring out the next season a little quicker??

Anyway, this week was the The Great Australian Trade-Off: Puppy Edition. They basically put puppies in an adorable replica of the trade-off tent and gave them (safe) tools to play with, while the hosts did their thing as if it were a normal episode. Alright, it was extremely cute, seeing them sleeping inside aluminium toolboxes and playing tug of war with custom ute gas bottle holders. Apparently there was a big drive from shelters for people to adopt puppies and this was the result. Also included was a big drive for people to upgrade their aluminium toolbox. Central locking, it seems, is the order of the day, as is modifying fixed service bodies, so they bundled it all into a special episode of GATO.

The main task given to the puppies during the episode was to attach a set of aluminium ute accessories to a ute canopy within the time limit. Needless to say, they got quite distracted playing with each other, sleeping on the job, chewing on their toys and taking long breaks for lunch and dinner, so they didn’t get anything done and all received the same score at the end. But that also meant that nobody really lost, so it was just very sweet in the end.

I’m not saying I want to adopt a puppy or anything, but I DID think that maybe my ride could do with some new bits and pieces, like maybe some more space in the under body compartment for tools.

Alright, maybe not all specials are a waste of time.