Elderly People Love

I am so sad for my friend. Her grandma passed away over the weekend which was really upsetting for her, her family and her mother. Less than twenty-four hours later, her grandpa passed away. I can’t describe the grief my friend and her family are feeling right now. My friend’s mum has lost her parents within a day of each other and her grandpa experienced such significant heartbreak that it killed him. It’s truly a tragedy. 

My friend told me that her grandparents were high school sweethearts. It doesn’t get much purer than that, and I completely understand why her grandpa would want to go if the love of his life was no longer with him. Once you reach a certain age, if you don’t have your person anymore, there really is no need to continue on. 

My friend said that her grandpa has been looking after her grandma for several years now. She probably needed the help of a trained disability service provider long ago, but her husband didn’t want her to leave him. He looked after her and dedicated his life to her out of the purest love imaginable. Although it may have taken a few years off her life because she didn’t get the proper, specialised care that she should have. I wonder what would have happened if she got put into community nursing near the Adelaide CBD a few years ago. I guess we shall never know.

At least they got to spend a few extra years of quality time together. When you’re old, time, especially quality time is the most important thing in the world. I already feel like my life is passing me by and I’m only twenty-five years old. It just goes to show that creating meaningful relationships is one of the most important things anyone can do in their lifetime. I hope the relationships that I’m building will mean the world to me in the future.