Accessibility for Age

Despite my age, I’ve always prided myself on being an independent lady. I might be well into my eighties, but that doesn’t get in the way of maintaining my house, cooking, cleaning and taking care of myself. I am, however, noticing that certain everyday tasks that I used to breeze through are becoming increasingly difficult, especially tasks that involve going to the bathroom or having a wash. 

We can’t ignore the importance of safety and accessibility in the bathroom. These are two principles that are essential to all residents. As I am ageing, I am noticing that I need to make more and more modifications to my bathroom to ensure I can continue to use it in a safe and comfortable manner. I do know I’m not the only elderly person doing this. These are challenges faced by many seniors. I decided it was best to not wait. I knew I needed to find a team of recommended bathtub modification specialists for seniors

I wasn’t exactly sure what changes my bathroom needed, but I definitely knew there were some safety amendments that needed to happen. My biggest challenge for the last few years has definitely been getting in and out of the bath. I’ve been struggling to lift my leg high enough while still maintaining my balance. Luckily, I’ve been able to find a team of bathtub conversion experts near me. Sydney, particularly the area I live in, is full of elderly folk. It makes sense for there to be a company that specialises in these kinds of things.

Within days of me making the call, someone was over to assess my bathroom and bathtub and make the necessary modifications. The whole process was smooth and efficient, I have no complaints. Everyone I have dealt with from this company has been a pleasure to deal with. I repaid the favour by making the installers cups of coffee, and some chocolate biscuits for them to enjoy.