Unlimited Wallpaper Power

The mysterious envelope contained a letter with only three words on its page. Make it pretty. 

Make it pretty what? Pretty cool? Pretty ugly? Or just plain old pretty? And what exactly were they even talking about? The most obvious answer was the walls, but Mav couldn’t be certain of that. Sure, they’d lured a wallpaper expert to this place, so it seemed logical that they’d want her to make the walls pretty. How could she be certain, though?

She supposed there was nothing she could do about the vagueness of the request. Her abilities were in decorating walls, so decorate walls she would.

Out of habit, Mav had already been through a dozen wallpaper ideas in her head, as she had a partnership with one of the best wall decal designers in the world. However, most of them were inappropriate for an abandoned hardware store. Sure, she could put up pink wallpaper, complete with a pretty unicorn wall decal, but that would hardly be appropriate for a place where tough tradies came to buy tools and all that other handy stuff. No, she suspected that wasn’t exactly the kind of pretty they were going for – whoever they were.

Mavis ran through a few options in her head, knowing she didn’t have the proper supplies to make it happen no matter which way she went. But then again, this job was for elite tokens, so perhaps a touch of her true power was necessary. She supposed that wasn’t unfair, all things considered.

It wasn’t often that Mav had to use her magic to summon a different range of flower wall decals. She was known as a reliable wallpaper installer who didn’t use magic. Good if you want to pay for a job in actual money, rather than those rare elite tokens. Someone had to pay the rent on their place, after all.

Knowing there was no other way, Mavis cracked her fingers and reached for a power she didn’t often call upon. She felt it tingling in her fingers, eager to be unleashed.

And unleashed it would be.