That Stocking Feeling

Having lived for over 380 years, there are one or two things I regret. Compression stockings are not one of them. You know, despite the prevalence of healing magic, no one ever really thought to delve into a branch of the mystic arts related to podiatry. By the time a wizard reaches maturity at age …

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Lung Way Round

The things you hear while looking for a replacement rear view mirror at the scrap car yard! It’s enough to put you off leaving the house, not that I’m that big on it to begin with. The world is a dangerous place; there’s no two ways about it. Here’s an example of what I’m on …

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The Stress Queen

Ugh, Dani is THE worst. I’m talking the worst of the worst. Mr Calvin asked this morning if anyone was looking forward to the sports carnival, and Dani had the gall to be excited about it, and I’m all like ugh, give it a rest, Dani. She goes around everywhere with this beaming smile like …

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