Wild Exaggeration?

I’m always reading about architecturally designed gardens that are supposedly ‘wild’ and ‘untamed’. Informal, maybe, but wild? Hardly. I mean, architecture and wilderness are fundamentally opposed concepts… aren’t they? I get that there’s an element of illusion involved; I just think it’s kind of misleading, and you can totally tell that’s all carefully engineered if …

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Not the Outdoors!

Sometimes I’ll be lying in bed at night, clutching my Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon body pillow that I got online seven years ago, and I’ll think about all the shows that could have been. Or rather…fake anime. Abattoir: The Fast Steerblender was the first time anyone in Australia tried to imitate the style, and …

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Fairytale Cottage

My kids are convinced that a fairytale witch lives at number 48. Not in a scary way, mind you – I’ve raised them to not make assumptions about witches – and it’s true that the garden does look like it’s popped up from the pages of a fantasy story. Still, I happen to know that …

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