Those Forbidden Urges

Man, I could go for a hot burg right about now. Like…it’s been so long since I’ve really got stuck into a hot burg. The last hot burg didn’t end well, and I know the hot variety are more dangerous than the other kind. I just think hot burgs are superior, in general, to the other burgs. I have a hankering for one. I can’t suppress these urges.

Sometimes I’ll do some subcontracting for companies in Melbourne. Commercial window tinting, all of that sort of jazz. They can be a bit shorthanded, what with everyone needing window tinting right now, and I have some experience installing glass. So I’m doing exactly that, looking into an office, my face pressed against the glass I’m installing, and I have a perfect view of the inside. I can see everything in that office, and then I get the sudden urge for a hot burg. This is probably the time it happens the most, those hot burg urges… those hot burges

Hot burgs aren’t good for you, I know that. They’re something you can only indulge in on rare occasions, when the time is right. I know people sometimes get stuck into hot burgs with their friends, but personally, I like my hot burgs to be a private thing, something to be enjoyed by myself, with no one the wiser that I had anything to do with it after the deed is done.

In a way, I understand why so many companies are getting office tinted windows installed. They offer privacy for all kinds of things. I wonder if the people in the office are thinking about hot burgs right now? Are they worried about them? Is it their time to experience one? People from the street can no longer tell, because the office tinting has been installed, blocking their view of the office entirely. Perfect conditions for a hot burg: where no one can see you. 

Mmm, I’m so ready for a hot burg. Maybe I’ll stop off on my way home and indulge in one, if I find a place that looks nice.