Success Oncoming

I just got the greatest email of my life. A literary agent is interested in the Giggle Wiggle Chronicles. Janet McCallom sent me a request for the full manuscript of book one: Giggle Wiggle and the Shrine of Destiny. Within a minute of receiving the email, I had the book ready to send back to her. That means she’s reading it right now and realising what a literary masterpiece my work is. Soon enough she’ll send me an offer of representation.

Then it’s just a matter of selling the six books in the series. But in the meantime, I’m packing boxes for the big move. What big move? Well, considering I’ll soon have a considerable cheque from one of the big four publishing houses, I’ve got to get ready to move into my mansion. I’ve already contacted the state’s best conveyancing lawyers about the legalities of buying a mansion.

I heard that Melbourne’s Biggest Mansion is up for sale again, but I’m wondering if that’s too humble. Perhaps I should be considering a private island instead. Now, I know I sound totally full of myself, but hear me out. Giggle Wiggle book one will sell for at least 300k. But then there’s another five books on top of that, each costing more than the last. Finally, the publishing house will be offering me a big book deal, possibly for another ten in the series. The way I see it, I’ll be a multi-millionaire. That’s enough to buy a private island, right?

The conveyancing firm from Richmond said that these properties are in pretty high demand and can take a while to sell since there’s so much to investigate. I don’t mind waiting, but I should start packing things just in case.

I can’t believe an agent is finally looking at my manuscript. She’s going to love it, I can just tell. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the epic tale of Giggle Wiggle exploring the deep jungles of Carton and awakening the great wizard, Hogarth? Oh, is that a spoiler? I can’t remember since it was so long ago that I wrote it.

Anyway, time to start Giggle Wiggle seven. Wish me luck!

– Augustus Bland