Leaking Shower Frustration

No one will ever understand frustration the way I do until they are unable to fall asleep, or finally drifting off to sleep only to be painstakingly awoken by the familiar ‘drip, drip, drip’ that has kept them up every night for the past three months. Even talking about it right now I feel my fists clench and my teeth grind. My shower has been leaking non-stop for three months. It sounds really bad that I haven’t gotten it fixed, but money has been tight lately and I’ve done what I can for the planet by putting a bucket underneath and watering my plants with the water. It’s worked out well for my plants which are now thriving, but for me, not so much. 

I decided last night that I can no longer put off my leaking shower repair. I have to bite the bullet and pay the money, because the bags under my eyes are bigger than my actual eyes and my mood has been decreasing every day for months. I’m a bit disappointed that I’m going to have to cut into my saving for Europe fund, but there’s only so much I can take. I’ll have to put Europe off for a couple of months longer, but at least I’ll sleep better.

I’m worried that when the repairman comes in to fix the shower, he’ll try and pitch me his favourite Melbourne bathroom designers to redo my whole ugly bathroom. Like, I know it’s ugly but it’s all I can afford. I get really awkward when people try to sell me things because I don’t like to disappoint people, so it’ll just be really uncomfortable if he tries to get me to fix my bathroom. I’ll fix it one day, but for now getting the leaking shower fixed is all I can afford.

I’m so looking forward to my first good night’s sleep in three months tomorrow night. It’ll be blissful.