Stole Mum’s Food!

Ha! Mum’s left her leftover food out on the bench again! This is my chance! I’m going to snatch it up before she comes back from wherever she has gotten off to. She didn’t pick up her keys so she hasn’t gone far. I’ve got to act fast, going to have to be crafty about it. Maybe if I take the whole container… then she won’t remember that she had it in the first place… yes. That’s what I’ll do. 

Hah! I’ve got it. Grabbed it so quick. Running outside now. I’ll take the food to my favourite spot in the backyard. If Mum yells at me before I’ve licked every last corner and quickly chewed the sides of the container, I’ll bark at her. And then I’ll pick up the container and run. She can never catch me. It’s really fun. I love when we play together! Everything’s a game. It’s great! Even when she’s mad at me, we are still playing. We will play as soon as she notices the container is gone. Woof.

I love every time that Mum gets sent a healthy meals delivery. Melbourne dogs and I chat about it when we bark at night. It’s a real fan favourite. I always say hello to the postman! “Hello, woof, give them to me!” I always say happily. It’s always so exciting! The postman loves me and always gives me pats. I want to pat him back. Maybe if I pat him back then he will give me the prepared weight loss meals and I can eat them before Mum even gets home. Wouldn’t that be great! 

Oops! Mum’s outside. Time to run! My tail is wagging out of control! I’m in a crouch and ready to leap in any direction. I finished the food. Very successful. Time to go! Catch me if you can, Mum. Can’t wait to do this all again tomorrow!