Sheddy Character

Tony has been spending more and more time in the shed. What, pray tell, is he doing in there? I know he’s a tinkerer, but this is getting ridiculous. No gizmo requires that much tinkering. 

It makes me wonder if he’s doing some actual building. To the best of my knowledge, though, Tony has never had the patience to see out an extended project in that realm. It’s true that he was doing that marine welding course a while back… could that be it? Is he building a boat? I’ll admit that I brushed off the welding lessons at the time, on account of Tony’s track record of doing courses and then never using the skills, but maybe this is an exception to the rule.

Why so many questions? Well, here’s the thing. Tony’s Shed (capital s) is Private (capital p). I’m not permitted to know what goes on in there until such time as he deigns to reveal it. Does that worry me? It gets me slightly exasperated at times, but I wouldn’t say I worry. We’ve been married for going on 40 years now, and he’s never given me reason to worry – not that I know of, anyway. 

To be fair, there could be anything in that shed, from homemade missile launchers to a second family. But I kind of like that he has something I know nothing about. In all likelihood, he’s just cobbling together custom bait boards for his mates down at the surf club, and I’d sooner not know the details of that mundane state of affairs. Good on him, of course, if that’s what he’s up to; it would just take some of the mystique out of the situation if I knew all about it. 

I like have to wonder about things sometimes. Maybe Tony realises that, and he’s actually just holed up in the shed watching TV, thereby giving me more opportunities to wonder what he’s doing in there.