Optometry Time

My life in Bayside is about precision, marked by the rhythmic ticking of countless clocks. I’m a watchmaker, carrying on my family’s generations-old craft. But recently, my failing vision has thrown my world out of sync, making it difficult to execute my delicate work.

Then one day, as I’m straining to focus on the intricate parts of a timepiece, I notice an ephemeral figure floating across my shop. It’s a wisp of a being, like a ripple in the air, barely visible to my ailing eyes. Startled, I realise that this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed such a figure.

With a sense of urgency, I seek help for my worsening vision. There’s an optometry clinic here in Bayside that seems to materialise out of thin air just when I need it. It’s a peculiar place, evoking a sense of intrigue, yet also comfort. I make an appointment with a children’s optometrist, thinking that they might have more experience dealing with unusual vision problems.

The optometrist is understanding, and with a mysterious smile, she hands me a pair of glasses. As soon as I put them on, I can see clearly again. However, that’s not all. The glasses seem to possess an enchanting quality. They not only sharpen my vision but also reveal a whole new layer of reality.

The elusive figures I’ve been noticing are now clearly visible. They’re time spirits, guardians of time’s delicate fabric. These ethereal beings guide me on an extraordinary quest to repair tears in the temporal fabric, a mission that transcends anything I ever imagined as a humble watchmaker.

Through all of this, the role of Bayside optometry clinics remains a comforting constant. Even as the magical clinic disappears once my mission is complete, its impact remains. I’m left with a precious pair of enchanted glasses and a life intertwined with the spirits of time. Even as I return to my humble watchmaking, my work now carries the weight and honour of preserving time itself.