Good Luck, Renovators

The Keymore Mansion restoration has been…interesting. I was there for the first few days fixing the decking, then I had to go back to work. Mostly I’ve been watching online, keeping up to date with the newsletters and reading the blog. And yep, it’s more or less what I expected would happen.

The decking was a disaster, mostly because the wood we were using kept rotting really quickly. It always seemed to be damp, and oh yeah, when we tore up the old planks there was a huge pile of old coffins underneath. 

That’s the project they’ve got themselves into. Last night they posted a video of them fitting some air conditioning units. I guess with how hot it’s been in Melbourne, air conditioning is going to be needed for continued comfort, but it seems like an odd thing to do. Really out of sequence. There’s also the little fact that it’s always cold in there.

I’m serious. At any time of day, no matter the weather, as soon as you step over the threshold and into the mansion, the temperature plummets. Someone said something about it being really well insulated, which doesn’t really add up, but whatever. If no one thinks that’s odd and they’re installing air conditioning units to cool down a place that’s already deathly cold, then maybe it’s a form of defiance. With how ramshackle the place is, I’m wondering if putting piping through the walls is going to cause the whole thing to just collapse, but maybe they’re using the old system that’s left over from the school. 

I’m no longer a part of the project, so it’s up to them now. The second concern after the unearthly chill would be the little girl who keeps threatening to burn everyone in a demon voice, and…oh, maybe rust inside the pipes? You can get the best air conditioning repairs Melbourne has to offer in there, but you can’t neglect the plumbing. Rust is a serious buildup problem.