All Glass Everywhere

Ahh, glass. That great invention that lets you look through walls, which is a crazy achievement, if you really think about it. We had fewer windows in our home growing up than is usual, because Mother and Father really didn’t want the neighbours to know that I existed. I had no window in my cupboard, of course, but multiple rooms in which I performed my household chores had the windows replaced by walls, so it was all rather dark. I only received a lamp after several petitions stating the fact that if I did not get one, I would soon not be able to do any more sewing due to poor eyesight and pincushion fingers.

Now, the place in which I live has many windows. I made sure I contacted a number of different residential glaziers Melbourne wide, so I could have the already large windows in this place were made even larger until my entire lounge basically has a glass wall. It helps that I’m high up on the third floor, so there’s a nice view of the local neighbourhood – it’s high enough that there always seems to be something interesting going on. And on the days when I’m here, I get to watch the sun set, something I never got to see with my 5:30pm curfew.

People really do underestimate glass when it comes to making a place seem chic and bright. It’s not just letting light in from outside, either; you’ve got internal features like glass stair balustrades. Melbourne interior trendsetters know what I’m on about. My place is sort of a maisonette, you might say, and the bedroom is upstairs. Oaken banisters remind me a bit too much of home and all the times I had to polish them (twice daily), so I went looking for other options, and in the world of glass I found what I believe to be something great. And the best part? I only polish them once every two days. Ha, take that, parents! The fingerprints even show up more on glass than they do on wood, so there.