Unattended Life Admin

Jethro has become obsessed with that darned truck. He’s only had it for two weeks, and already he’s talking about modifying it. Part of me knew that this would happen, and yet I kind of thought that if he bought the ute, he might let up on the ‘dream vehicle’ talk for a bit. Annoyingly, it’s just made it worse. I’m going to lose it if I hear one more factoid custom canopies, I swear.

In a way, I guess it makes sense for his excitement to reach peak capacity before it tapers off. Speaking of which, tapered under tray tool boxes are not what I want to hear about while I’m trying to make my morning coffee, thanks very much. That’s precisely the kind of thing I’m talking about. I’m here trying to grind some beans and suddenly I’m supposed to have something to say about marine-grade aluminium finishes and internal shelving.

Okay, fine – my reaction is a bit disproportionate. I can see that. I guess it’s not down to Jethro’s choice of conversational topics per se; there’s something more going on. It’s probably the fact that he said he was going to get on top of his invoicing this week, and also compile that information about the insurance, and instead he’s spent every spare moment investigating ways to customise a 4×4. Aluminium canopies, unfortunately, will not get us far in terms of securing this business grant, but there’s no telling Jethro that.

He must have some misguided notion that he can run away from his commitments if he just rigs up comprehensive enough packing system. If he thinks he can fit his life into a ute tray, though, he’s dreaming. He’s got far too much unattended business floating around to wrangle it all into even the most well-designed service body.

Maybe that’s a way of broaching the subject, though. If Jethro could approach organising his life with the same gusto as he does organising his ute storage system, that would be great.