Time To Binge

Finally! Neat-Flicks at last has listened to the cries of the masses, and they’re putting every single one of the 37 seasons of Doctor Poppins onto their streaming service. I guess I know what I’m doing with my weekend – never mind the fact that it’s only Monday. Oh well.

I hear they’re reviving the series, but classic DP will always be my jam: the story of a time-travelling governess from London, New-Earth in the 56th century, dealing with naughty children throughout history and always retrieving one item after another from her bottomless red leather bag.

The show was so massive in the seventies that it caused leather shoulder bag sales to increase by 900% after the airing of the season 7 finale, Super-Gallifrey-Fantastic-Slouch-Bag-Diagnosis. Poppins loses control of her bag, it threatens to turn itself inside out and swallow the universe, and she has to go on an odyssey into the compressed universe of the bag itself to troubleshoot it at its very core. Truth be told, the episode itself didn’t feature any bags at all except for at the very end, when the bag is fixed and it shrinks back to normal size, trapping the Ironside army in the bag universe and thwarting their plans.

Even so, fans flocked out in droves to purchase red leather bags just like that one, and for a while you wouldn’t see a single person at a convention who wasn’t rocking one. I guess the saturation led to people going for different options, so now it’s brown leather bags, black leather bags, even leather slouch bags (a contemporary take on Poppins’ more structured tote). Also, Doctor Poppins made extra types of leather shoulder bags for her travelling buddies, so at least the fans had options.

Me? I’m digging the old red leather out of my wardrobe, getting myself a bucket of popcorn and NOT inviting my loudmouth, non-fan friends. It’s marathon time.