Sojourn to Land

The ocean is usually my friend, but sometimes we move our relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’. We take a break. We need some space from each other.

I was raised on the Fleet, that crazy group of boat enthusiasts, but now I’m more like a vegetarian who doesn’t judge carnivores in the slightest and is happy to chow down on meat if it’s the really good stuff at a party, or a special occasion.

I like the ocean, I live on a boat, but I have a nice little apartment in Sydney near the docks and sometimes I like those terra firma comforts. The best heating repairs Sydney locals could dream of being available after one phone call, for instance, is a clear perk. Heating a boat is a pain, I swear. Just being able to pop to the shops and not having to limit my hot showers are all nice. None of these are enough to tempt me back to land permanently, but they’re nice little holidays. It’s like coming to a hotel and using all the good stuff that you don’t usually get when you’re at home.

The heating is going to be great for the winter as well. I didn’t actually have proper heating services last year, so it made my little land holidays less pleasant as I was forced to switch on the fan heater. Made sure I saved up the pennies from my fishing job and got a proper system put together. Now I can come back and flick a switch, and boom. Ducted heating all over the place, and I don’t need to be too careful about limiting my electricity use since I’m not there often. It’s that sweet hotel life.

I probably should look into upgrading next year as well. I’ll check with the Sydney ducted heating specialists who did this job, see if I can get something really powerful and not economical. I’m really not sure what’s going on in the world of land heating. It’s not my daily experience.