Beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry

Before any big event I like to get my teeth professionally cleaned. It makes me feel more put together and that I’m absolutely shining. When I smile I like seeing people do a double take because of how perfect and white my teeth are. When people talk about me to others who may not know me, they refer to me as the person with the person with the perfect teeth. I like being known as that.

I’ll never admit it to anyone, but the reason I have perfect teeth is because I had professional cosmetic dentistry a couple years ago. I paid a lot of money for my teeth to look this good, and I’m sure to show them off at every opportunity. Nobody knows that my teeth weren’t like this naturally, but you know what, I don’t think anyone should have to know that. It’s none of their business. To them, I’m just the person with naturally perfect teeth. 

But yeah, back to the point of this story. Whenever I go to any sort of formal event, like a work function, birthday party, wedding or anything in between, I get my teeth cleaned. I just figure, if I’ve paid so much money to get my teeth look like this, I may as well have them looking like a 10/10 every time I need them to.

I’m hosting a party on Saturday night and so I’ve just booked my teeth cleaning appointment at the Cheltenham dentist. As you can imagine, I’m a regular and my dentist knows exactly what the go is whenever I book a morning appointment. We have a really good thing going. We’ve got the process so streamlined now that I’m in and out within twenty minutes. It’s great for my dentist as well because I tell everyone who asks that he is the one who looks after my teeth, which is free promotion for him. We all know that there’s nothing better than word of mouth.