Antigraffiti Tinting Required

Toby’s human day job ruse had been going successfully for an entire week. The council of wizards seemed to be none the wiser, except for Lionel. However, even the head wizard still believed his programming abilities were a secret wizard power: the ability to manipulate technology. If he suspected anything, it wasn’t close to the truth of Toby’s human nature.

Toby felt confident in the abilities of the custom office window tinting to give him privacy during the Friday potluck preparations. As the other wizards were strategizing how to form an alliance with the vampires, Toby was completing an entire day’s work at his second job. He was almost done with his shift when there was a loud scream.

He jumped, his heart skipping a beat. Instinctually, he tabbed out of the browser and raced from the meeting room. The wizards had gathered at the front-facing windows, pointing at the dragon-shaped custom window film. Toby pushed through them to witness the damage. Across the window, enchanted in glowing red letters, were the words: Wizards Sux.

The goblins. Only those creatures would be able to enchant an entire window panel but not know proper grammar. 

“The vampires are coming in an hour,” Gertrude cried, blood pudding resting in her hands.

Lionel crackled with energy, ready to explode with anger. Toby would be fried to bits if he didn’t find a situation.

“It’s okay everyone,” he said. “Lionel hired specialists who knew how to frost glass. An anti-graffiti charge was added when we were booking a glass frosting installation. Melbourne is notorious for graffiti, but this film can easily be peeled off and replaced.”

The crowd sighed a breath of relief. The truth was that Lionel didn’t add anti-graffiti film to the order, but Toby had. The head wizard gave him a pointed look but took on the cheers from his peers regardless. “All I have to do is call the company…” Toby began.

Before he could finish, Lionel snapped his fingers and a frightened specialist teleported in front of them. “Fix it,” Lionel growled.