Window Woes

Wow… these windows are really dirty. I feel like I’ve vaguely noticed this before, but not clocked the full extent of the situation. Now that I’ve seen it in all its glory, though, I can’t unsee it. Time for a chat with the management, I think.

In the meantime, I’m going to assume they just thought they could put the task off until people started to complain about it. They’re good like that, I’ll admit – you put in a complaint and they address the thing. I does make them a bit lazy on the routine maintenance, though. There’s really no routine in play except to wait until things get too gross to ignore any longer.

The other possibility is that the dirt provides a slight bit of UV protection. I mean, I don’t actually know what the light-filtering qualities of window dirt are; I’m just spit-balling. Regardless, this brings me to a second complaint, which is that these windows are badly in need of tinting. They’re at just the right angle to cop the afternoon sun at such an angle that having a desk next to them can be pretty intolerable.

When it comes down to it, the windows are probably more in need of tinting than they are of cleaning, although I suppose you’d have to do the latter in order to do the former. The question is how to pitch the notion of spending money on office window tinting services. Melbourne isn’t exactly the least overcast city in the world, so it might not be immediately clear that this is a necessity.

I’d say it’s much more necessary than this commercial glass decor Melbourne offices seem to be getting so excited about. Not that I’m an expert – maybe you can kill two birds with one stone and get decorative tinting. Stranger things have happened. I guess I’m just super focused on practicalities right now, like not getting burnt to a crisp at my desk.