The Ultimate Mod

As much as those moon loonies scare me, they’re at least free thinkers. I mean, as much as you can be a free thinker when your thought patterns have been rigidly-controlled since the day you were born, and you’re incapable of independent thought. Okay, fine – maybe I chose my words poorly.

I just mean that I never would’ve thought of cars that drive through space, and I’ve proudly listed ‘Alternative Car Mods’ on my Odd-Match profile. I heard from a few of the Bendigo motor mechanics who are big on social media that there’s going to be this huge car show coming up, showcasing past, present AND future cars. Me and my car mod mates have been discussing it. Well, I say me and my mates, which is true, but it’s actually just me, Darryn and Clive. A few more people have tried to join, but they’re not into the REAL mod scene. Like, it has to be really alternative, or we’re just not into it, you know? Like, if you want to add weird chemicals to your car, that’s your thing; it goes faster, whatever. But turning your car into a hybrid automobile/mechanical dragon hybrid? We can dig that.

Now that there’s going to be an exhibit on future cars, maybe they’ll finally reveal cars that can travel through space. Like, if you just wanted to go into orbit for a bit of fun or a day trip to see the sun a bit closer, you just flick a switch and up you go. And I understand how difficult it is to put mods on your car, because the mechanics around here keep telling me so. I know, I get that sticking giant dragon wings and a makeshift flamethrower on the front is A) not really legal B) a bad idea when it comes to sharing the road. It’s the reason I had to go reapply for my roadworthy certificate. Bendigo authorities and their darned regulations… I guess they’re just doing their job. 

Still looking for the ultimate mod though. Maybe space cars are the big one.