Battling Blocked Pipes

The residents of Brighton were startled to see money floating down the street of their main shopping district. Money lined the gutters as the local currency exchange plumbing became blocked, overflowed and flooded the cash room. Staff rushed to catch as much of the money as they could as it rushed passed their feet, pushed by the storm water that had gushed out when the cash room door was opened.

Locals say it was one of the best days of their lives, seeing money flow down the street freely. Of course, some were reluctant to pick up the soggy money, but others dove right in, claiming it would take a lot more than a bit of poop to stop them getting their hands on the cash.

The exchange store owner couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, stating there was no one to blame but himself. Mr. Mane, owner of Local Exchange said he’d been putting off having the pipes unblocked and first noticed the problem about a week ago. “The sink in the break room had been draining slowly and we were having issues with the toilet backing up. I figured the problem would fix itself over time but it appears I was mistaken.” Mr Mane said with a chuckle.

Staff members of the exchange store stood in amazement as the money floated down the main street; watching on as locals frolicked in the gushing water, fishing for money. Forced to have the remainder of the day off as the plumbers took care of the drain unblocking. Brighton residents won’t soon forget the day money flowed freely around the city.

Staff members were worried about the strange stench that was going to linger around the store for the coming weeks. Currency exchange owner Mr. Mane, said he’d learnt his lesson and would never delay plumbing repairs again. Cleanup crews have been working around the clock to clean up with this expensive mess.