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I Love Food Awards

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"One of my top 5 burger restaurants around the globe is Burgerman in Sydney"
Tyler Brulee, London Financial Times 2004

"A local pioneer of gourmet burgers, Burgerman has put in a decade of dedicated service
to burgers with its cute logo, smart design and burgers full of fresh ingredients"

Tony Davis, Good Living Sydney Morning Herald

"Flippin' tasty!"
Time Out 2008

"For many Burgerman provides the benchmark...It provided the best milkshake of our
tour of duty"

Tony Davis, Good Living Sydney Morning Herald

"All the burgers at Burgerman are good, but I've a soft spot for the lamb rump version
with basil and garlic mayonnaise"

Mathew Evans shares his favourite dining moments in The Sydney Magazine January 2004

"I point you to the immaculate, crisp, lightly browned, yet fluffy soft and piping hot fries
ALWAYS served at Burgerman"

Matt Buchanan, Sydney Morning Herald

"The chips have been rated the best in Sydney"

"Burgerman Rated 1 on 'Five of the best hamburgers'"
Debbie Nielson, Sunday Life


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