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Mini Burger

The first two Burgerman restaurants were opened at Darlinghurst and Bondi by a partnership of two successful chefs who were at the forefront of the wave of Modern-Australian cuisine which swept over Sydney in the late 80's. They combined with an interior designer to fulfil their vision of providing Sydney with 'the ultimate burger experience'.

Burgerman prides itself on being the pioneer of the gourmet burger industry in Australia. It provided an alternative to the traditional burger by offering sizzling chicken fillets and juicy lamb rumps served with gourmet vegetables, tantalising home-made sauces and famous crisp French Fries. It also introduced 'real' milkshake syrups made with Belgian chocolate, French Vanilla and 'real' mixed berries. The combination of the exciting food, it's funky, retro-style interior and attention to detail established Burgerman as a hip, up-market burger restaurant.

The Bondi store opened in 1991 and it's success was immediate. Food lovers flocked in to enjoy a new way of experiencing a traditional favourite served in an innovative, fresh and funky way. The fast food burger now had soul and this successful formula led to the opening of the second store in Darlinghurst four years later and both stores have continued to attract a variety of clientele who choose Burgerman for it's unique taste and style.

While many restaurants enjoy initial success, few can claim to maintain the hype which has kept Burgerman alive and growing now for almost 18 years.


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Burgerman Darlinghurst
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