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Burgerman Menu

Burgerman's authentic approach to the burger industry has created a niche of which it continues to be the leader. To maintain our place at the top we are constantly monitoring the food industry to keep up with trends and the ever changing desires of consumers today. Presently we are experiencing a global shift in awareness of what we are eating and more people are becoming
conscious of leading a healthier lifestyle. Also, an increasing proportion of the population have specific dietary requirements and we continually adapt our menu to cater for these clients and to keep in line with market trends.

The product that Burgerman offers will therefore become more attractive as the focus on fresh and healthy eatingcontinues in modern society.

Our customers understand that Burgerman stands for "real" burgers and appreciate the difference between mass produced, processed food served in a stark environment and our own home-made burgers served in a warm and stylish burger restaurant.

Our aim is to continue to support the production of all hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat in an effort to look after the health of our clients and to support a worthwhile industryin times when we are witnessing the increasing supply of genetically modified products and processed foods. We also hope to one day be able to provide all organic produce.

Where possible we will continue to maintain our ethical philosophy regarding the environment using recycled products.


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Burgerman Darlinghurst
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